Ronald  Smith

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Just having a look at your lovely paintings and at Helen's pottery. Thank you to Helen for the photo of Charles, William and Grandpa.
Fra - 1 Dec 2012
What a beautiful collection of work for your exhibition! Wishing you huge success and many commissions. Loads of love, Jacqui and all here in the RS of A
Jacqui Wood - 7 Apr 2010
who knew?
Michele U - 30 Jan 2008
An audio symphony of colour! I've never seen Chobe like this and it is wonderful!
Nelly Byrne - 28 Aug 2007
Wow! Fabulous work, Ronnie! I just came back from the Monet to Dali exhibit at the VAG and, while I enjoyed some of the pieces displayed for their history and the art, I think I would rather have spent the same amount of time with your gallery. I love your colours and compositions. Hopefully i can get over to see you and your work sometime soon. Tony
Tony Cairns - 18 Aug 2007
Your Botswana series is beautiful ;the canvases sing with hot, pulsating African colours. Very evocative! Do visit again soon!
Jacqui Wood - 18 Aug 2007
looks fabulous...what a professional website. i am very impressed with the Botswana series.
alec, katherine, keith and mary - 10 Aug 2007
I love your use of color and design. We visit Saltspring each summer and love the island. Great place to live, I would imagine.
dave stevens - 10 Aug 2007
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